Saturday, April 21, 2007

Previously, On...

Life is funny sometimes...

Pieces of fun from the past 24 hours(ish):

  • Nothing cures a bad morning like jamming to the Avalon cover of this goodie:

Twila Paris...yes please!
And when I say "jamming," I mean full on dance-party sing-a-long.

  • Here's a fun game: call a teacher-friend (or mother in my case) and leave a voice mail pretending to be an irate parent. (I goose-laugh every time)

  • "Have you ever heard of kidney stones?"
    (My mother actually asked me response: "Kidney stones!")
    *13 seconds into this:

  • Things NOT to do when eating lunch with all your coworkers:
    • Drop pepperoni down your shirt.
    • Remain unaware of said pepperoni until your boss points it out.
    • Attempt to discreetly remove the meat from yourself, failing at both discretion and full removal.
    • Ignore any pieces remaining in your cleavage until you are safely in your car, then proceed to scoop out most of the crumbs despite curious looks from passing cars.

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