Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grace, and grace?

So there's God's grace (as in the amazing kind), but then there's the grace I don't have, as in the ability to walk without knocking things over (and by things I mean tables, people, myself...)

How'd we end up with the same word? Am I the only one not seeing much of a connection?
Maybe because I don't really comprehend either one. . .

I like to tell people my middle name is Grace. Kinda like I tell people Kathy's cat's name is Snickers.

I should sleep more, but the trash man comes at 1am.

I miss the suities. . .dance parties, thoughts from the pot, thrilla in the shower. . .

I mainly want someone to tell me I'm right & then pay me, she said. Is that too much to ask? & I said as long as you're living in a dream world, you might as well make it work for you.

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  1. Just browsing and saw your illustration of the person letting go of the balloon. We used that illustration on Easter. It was awesome. You can see it on the media section of our website, its the one titled "Let It Go" By the way great blogs!