Thursday, May 22, 2008

Except for the running naked through the forest, there's not a lot I miss.

I've mentioned some of my pet peeves before, and I realize that the reasons behind most of these are irrational and self-centered, but acknowledging that doesn't make them disappear.
So, with that disclaimer, another irrational rule for interaction with the drc:
#22: Don't doubt my street smarts.
For example, don't tell me I should walk with with a guy in what you see as a sketchy neighborhood.  Did I miss the day in school when we discussed the bullet-proof qualities of boys?  Sorry guys, you're still gonna bleed if you get shanked.
"There is safety in numbers."  Sure, kinda.  But a crowd attracts attention, and two people can be mugged just about as easily as one.
Whats the worst that could happen?  Cat calls (also known as getting "holla'd at"), strange looks, getting hit up for money, and, well...not much else. 
I've walked alone in the ghetto.  I've walked alone in the ghetto after dark.  I live alone(ish) in the ghetto(ish).  I've had a few interesting encounters at to the Crackerbox on Olive Street in PB (like when the one-eyed man offered me a lawnmower).  A guy tried to sell me drugs and used Mardi Gras beads outside the gas station on Broadway (which, by the way, closes way to early).  I could go on, but most of these stories are way funnier in person when I can do the voices.  Ask me about pampers and the collection agency vacuum sometime.
Telling me not to walk alone is like pushing me out of the car and driving away.  Ok, not the best analogy. . . The point is, I'm going to rebel just to prove you wrong.  I tend to do things just to prove I can, especially when it involves traveling rather long distances without a car (ice storm, post-prom, etc. . .). 
Not exactly the picture of meekness, eh?
If I'm honest, I don't really want to change.  I like taking certain risks (but only the ones that put my physical well-being in danger, if it affects me mentally/emotionally-I'm out). 
Good gosh I hope I don't have a daughter like me.  I know people have only good intentions when they express concern for the safety of myself and other females, thats what makes this an irrational pet peeve.  I know I'm being ridiculous, but c'est moi.  Remember the tshirts/stickers/buttons that said "Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet"? 
(at least its not Precious Moments)
Currently playing (over and over and over and...): Carry Me Through by Dave Barnes
This song is most definitely amazing.  Miss Ellie and I may be obsessed (but not as obsessed as she is with unnamed author:
Yeah, I love him.  In an 'I don't know him, but he makes me laugh so he can't be all that bad and he also has pictures on his website smoking cigarettes so he hates "The Man" (meaning, of course, the fundamentalist groups not THE THE MAN (aka Christ....I don't know why the KJV doesn't call him that name.))'  Yeah. I love him in that way.')
Also currently playing: A throwback podcast: Making Sense of. . . Work, or Why I am a Corporate Diva by Day, Crafty Macgyver by Night or Finding Spiritual Significance While Sitting in a Cube or Maybe You Should Be Working D, Not Blogging

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