Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching Up

Its been an exciting week in the land of DRC.

On Tuesday Ellen and I went to the TOMS event at Whole Foods.

Generally I'm afraid of commitment when it comes to shoes (much like curtains, hair cuts, and boys), so I avoid buying new ones til I absolutely must. I've wanted these for awhile those, and hello stimulus check, so here's to my first pair of new shoes in a year[ish].

Maybe Andy Warhol was right. My name is in print! It may only be in the feedback section, but hey, baby steps folks, baby steps. . .

Speaking of baby steps. . . Harleigh is going to be a big sister!

I've chilled out quite a bit in the last couple years, but my OBU pals will tell you that for awhile every thing out of my mouth was "Baby Har-Har this" or "Harleight that." She really is the cutest kid ever. She'll be 5 in a couple months and that blows me away. She makes my heart happy.

A classic:

And a bit more recent:

I love her.


  1. Ok. This is bizarre. Last week I was reading through Relevant and saw your letter . . . . and thought to myself. "Hmm. Another fellow Relevant find right here in my very own town. I wonder who it could be?"

    I found you! Errr . . . you actually found me. But, at last, we found each other.