Monday, October 6, 2008


The Prodigal Son...such a familiar story. Lately I've been trying to figure out where I fit in, or rather, what God wants to teach me through it. A lot of people have depression stories which climax at a come-to-Jesus moment when everything gets better...a prodigal sort of ending. I, however, don't feel far from my Father's hand (although I do question it and sometimes wish to doubt it). So, am I the older brother? No, thats not quite right either...

Maybe I'm spending too much time digging for something that isn't there instead of considering the lessons that already challenge me...i.e., the parable of the Lost Sheep and realization that I'm the One rather than just one of the ninety-nine.

The weekend was nice in that it provided much distraction and quality time with friends. I feel somewhat better today...the new dark clouds are a little bit lighter, but some of the old ones returned this evening. I haven't felt creative lately so I don't feel quite right...plans for a halloween costume might alleviate that some.

I rode in the rain tonight. Hard rain. It was beautiful. I is something I wish everyone could experience. I was soaked before I even got on my bike, but magically my mp3 player stayed dry (safely tucked in a sport bra). I rode down a deserted Main Street to Wires by Athlete and for a minute, riding was all that counted...

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