Tuesday, January 27, 2009

only $1.40 one-way

I thought a lot about things as I sat in the 32 degree weather waiting on the bus. . .

Actually no, I didn't. I mostly thought about how cold I was. Which was really, really cold. I waited for nearly 20 minutes then rode an hour+ to get home around 4pm. I finally felt like my body temperature returned to normal about three and a half hours later.

Yeah, I'm a whimp. But I did what I needed to do. I wish I could give a humorous commentary on the whole day but anxiety has overshadowed my ability to be clever.

So, fye, a throwback tune that sums up the beginning of my public transportation adventure...

Kris Kross - I Missed The Bus (Official Music Video) - For more funny movies, click here

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