Tuesday, April 14, 2009

things I have dreamt about since starting the new sleep meds:

  • cake that explodes into streamers when you remove it from the oven (but then the streamers turn into cotton candy)
  • being stuck in a serious snowstorm. Think white stuff everywhere, and my car driving off the road into a river. Then the sun came out and it was gone within approximately 3 hours. Then there were baby alligators.
  • my former french teacher
  • my former french teacher golfing with 3 guys I know (but they don't actually know eachother)
  • swimming while carrying a toilet...(this one's a little fuzzy)
  • a guy at work having to fix my old roommate's phone, which was an old nokia with a stubby antennae
  • dressing up like Santa
  • dressing up like Santa and performing in a packed auditorium
  • getting 2 cookies, one peanut butter and one chocolate, after I played Santa

1 comment:

  1. Dressing up like Santa and performing what in a packed auditorium?