Monday, July 6, 2009

take a look, its in a book

Lately I've been reading Restless Faith by Winn Collier. So far, its amazing, so I wanted to share a few pieces (and perhaps entice you to read it yourself).

True theology is never a dry, intellectual exercise; rather, it is the endeavor to be consumed with the reality of the One who is beyond our categories in such a way that we point in his direction.

God has gone to incredible lengths to pursue his own glory by winning the hearts of his people. And these incredible lengths step outside our bounds, outside our sensibilities.

...we struggle because of how faith has been defined for us. We have been told that faith is claiming a reality and seeing it come to pass. Faith is taking God at his word and waiting until we see him move.

We often approach God as a means to get what we want, but his desire is to in fact be what we want.

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