Thursday, August 20, 2009

I still exist

3 weeks sans blogging? The maddness...

I can't be late to work, so here's whats up, in bullet points (because seriously, who doesn't love bullet points?:

  • I went to New Orleans with Epoch and some fine folks from FBC Sparkman. [Grant's pictures are better, so go here.]

  • Started taking Pristiq on August 10th. So far so good.

  • My parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. My sister and brother in law celebrated their 7th.
  • I stuck a blank cd in my Blazer and it freaked out. For the past week its been constantly trying to eject something and flashing :check cd” on the screen. No worries though, I fixed it last night. [yesi’mawesome]
  • I met the guy who lives below me at the laundromat in NLR. A few days later re-met his girlfriend and we all raided the newly vacated apartment across from mine. Yay for free curtains and paint.
  • My cell phone spazzed out right before the NoLa trip, so I had to get a ghetto go-phone and switch my sim card. I’m mildly sad about losing the phone, but I really miss my calendar, camera, mp3 player, and alarm clock. It was my everything and I’m pretty much lost right now.
  • Finally got to see Falcon Scott play...very entertaining/impressive.
  • On the same night I was introduced to Futuro Boots and my life might never be the same...

I'm sure I missed some things, but stupid work and their stupid obsession with being on time requires that I make haste.

I miss my Ellen.

I'm need new TOMS.

The End.

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