Thursday, October 15, 2009

more than men (and women)

alternate title: "I lost my girl card, but after awhile I quit looking"

First go read Cole NeSmith's thoughts on Jesus and Masculinity. Although my own thoughts about identity/gender come from a different direction, I like his approach.

I think it started when I realized I didn't like kids (or, more accurately, kids didn't like me). I was a girl, and girls were supposed to babysit and gush over slobbery toddlers in onesies. . . But babysitting made me anxious, and I couldn't figure out how little ones were producing so much wetness (seriously, its everywhere!). Tiny feelings of inadequacy started to grow within me...

As I got older and discovered other "girlie" things that I was not good at or simply had no interest in those feelings grew. . .

the color pink
paying ridiculous amounts of money for a haircut
keeping pretty fingernails
shoes (I really don't like shoes)

To me, Macgyver beats Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart any day. Good reality tv is This Old House, not Americas Next Top Model.

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