Tuesday, January 5, 2010

life's a deli...

...and I'm stuck in a sandwich of chaos.

This sub starts with a slice of unnecessary loudness, courtesy of the woman living below me and her many visitors.  I seriously can't figure this lady out.  I hear (and occasionally see) people coming and going at all hours of the day and night.  She might be incapable of having a conversation while keeping her voice at a socially acceptable volume.  I find myself wanting to yelling into the floorboards, "WHY ARE YOU YELLING??!?"  [as of now I've only actually done this once and it seemed to have no affect on the situation]

In the role of the top of the sandwich we have the squirrels (exact number undetermined).  A few months ago the rain gutters on the front of my building tried unsuccessfully to disassociate themselves with the rest of the building (who can blame them?).  As a result they are now only partially attached and the fascia (see below) has been ripped off in some areas.
Here's mine:
It looks like my attic threw up.

The scampering and scratching is bad enough, but this morning I noticed a faint crying, almost mewing.  So either they're procreating or torturing something.  Either way, not ideal.

Last time I talked to my landlord he said he'd passed this problem on to somebody, but I think its time to give him another call.

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