Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts that come around the same time as the trash collector*

I've been listening to some Shane Claiborne messages at work lately, and (a) he's unexpectedly southern and that makes me grin, but (2) some of the things he says make my forehead wrinkle.

There are no one-size-fits-all answers or outlines for ministries, every situation will have variances and require specification, so I'm not suggesting that we all need to mimic what they're doing at The Simple Way. I do, however, think they're on to something.

Don't yell at me for comparing, thats where my mind went with it. To retrace my mental path would only be confusing (not to mention revealing of my secret super powers), but lets all get out our mats and jump to my conclusion...

Eh? Yeah, thats how we roll, right?
But do we demand and promote programs because it keeps us from having to invest our lives in people?
Programs mean structure and hierarchy and leadership...which are not bad things, but I think we've got to be careful not to shift our responsibilities onto these programs and leaders. A look at the public school system shows a similar problem: parents aren't parenting...instead they let the school teach their child about discipline, which they clearly have time for on top of all the other junk...(hot button? indeed, I'll stop there).

Another example I read recently was on this guy's blog. Their church held a Q & A for parents as part of their "Let's Talk About Sex" series (hmmm, I wonder if they used John Mayer? Oh wait, no one is as cool as Big Danny), out of 150 students involved in their church, only seven parents came.

It takes time, effort, and sacrifice to do this love thing.

Maybe you should watch this:

So in this hour
Everything I doWill be all for this momentEverything's for youMy heart is openAnd willingSo take it
For further clarification/inspiration try this old school goody.

And for the record, I still know all the words.

*aka, 1am


  1. "Is this everything you've hoped for?
    Is this everything you've dreamed?"
    That line gives me goosebumps.

    Shane Claiborne is rad.
    Have you ever read his book "The Irrestible Revolution"?

    PS -I too, am most alive between 10 and midnight, although I live off of cappucino, string cheese, and swedish fish.