Friday, February 4, 2011

recent revelation

I may never get married. The longer I live alone the more attractive this option seems.  I think once upon a time I made one of those lists, with the qualities and attributes for the "ideal husband."  Recently, I've decided to start a new list. . .  of "ideals" and "deal breakers."

I have very little as of now:

IDEAL: Willing to cook according to my incredible pickiness (yes, I know, just the cooking is asking a lot, but these are my ideals, so I'll shoot for the stars).

DEAL BREAKER: Expecting me to learn to cook and do so routinely.


  1. What about God? He can give you the "desires of your heart". It takes a bit of effort to pray and listen to God. I'm assuming you're a Christian? Anyway, you're doing a great job with your blog.

  2. True, He can, but my heart is dumb sometimes, therefore its "desires" are fallible. He holds the complete picture, so I'm trusting his judgement and clarity....