Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who needs skin on their thumb anyway?

Once upon a time a girl created a piece of art.  It was very mixed-media-y. . . made of wood, bottle caps, lambs wool, and mirrors.  A year passed and, although the girl liked the concept, she became dissatisfied with the way it was put together.  She began deconstructing it, saving as many of the original elements as she could.

Unfortunately, this girl never went to kindergarten, so she was never taught not to be a "glue monster."

She tore the bottle caps off the wool as carefully as she could, but giant,wooly blobs of glue clung to the backs.

In a moment of rare stupidity, the girl grabbed a steak knife to scrape the blobs.  As you can imagine, this didn't end well, but with a few bandaids on her index finger she was back to work.

Then, in an even rarer moment of pure lunacy, she grabbed an exacto knife to resume the glue excavation.




Obviously the concept of learning from one's mistakes was foreign to this girl.

Four words come to mind...

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