Friday, July 12, 2013

Scar tissue that I wish you saw? Not so much...

I have scars.  Mistakes? Expressions.
Lots on my thighs. *Sigh.*
Many, mostly faded, on my inner left arm (thank you summer '08).

Then there are there recent ones. The ones that still feel like friends.  Friends who made mistakes, who I'd like to hug and comfort, and say, "try again."
My angry broken window mistake...

That mistake that cost me so much, but showed me how far people would go to care for me. I don't deserve them.  My mom.  An angel.  I could never compare to her.  She started out wanting to be the best, to do the best, to do RIGHT. And she did. It's unspeakably brilliant and selfless and Christ-like and I couldn't ask for a better example.

Now how about the left arm? The arm that met the fate of the iron in a dismal fit of self loathing.

This is the real crowd pleaser it seems.  Children cry "a boo-boo!" I say yes, "a boo-boo..." Sigh.

Oddly enough, plenty of adults mention my scar as well.  

One woman asked if it was a spider bite, as it resembled her friend's reaction to a spider bite.

 Others just ask what happened.  I suppose some would consider this rude, but I've been so desensitized to such thing I don't even recognize it.

Today, a couple in my line mentioned my scar.  I continued going through the motions, but he said something shocking..."I know you went through something bad, but now they're like fallen flower petals."

Through pain comes strength, and strength is beautiful.

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  1. Love wins. From it comes strength, insight, forgiveness, motivation, and selflessness. Love is from God just as faith is. Hope too.
    You are a beloved blessing.