Monday, October 6, 2014

Kidneys fail. People survive.

Last thursday I woke up with muscle twitches and tingling. By lunch my hands were drawn up and becoming useless. I decided to go to the quick care clinic before work. I really thought they'd just give me like a super vitamin or something and at most I'd be late clocking in. After running labs the doctor calmly told me I really needed to go to the ER.
[Naturally I went by my apartment for my phone charger first]
After more labs I was admitted for "acute kidney failure." The doctors weren't sure why this was happening but told me it was most likely reversible.
Over the next few days I was given a TON of fluids, antibiotics, and various vitamins. My kidney function improved fairly quickly and I was released yesterday evening.
From what I understand a combination of factors led to my kidney failure: infection, dehydration, low calcium and vitamin D, and medicine complications. The good news is all issues were addressed and treated and I am normal now (or normal-adjacent, because I'm still me you know).
I will have to be careful, monitor things, and generally take better care of myself, but you're stuck with me awhile longer.

[I look 12 here]

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