Friday, October 14, 2016

2FAN and Polka

2nd Friday Art Night is a thing where a bunch of galleries downtown stay open late. There are exhibit openings, food and beer from locals, and my music.

Tonight I had a freak-out. I drove past the first place I wanted to go, started crying, and kept driving. I ended up crying in a parking lot outside this museum, one I almost kinda feel comfortable in.

I went in, eventually, tucking in behind an old couple to pretend I belonged. There was a "ghost story" thing and I finally started to breathe normally.

On to my second stop. First thought: I know nothing about wine so I just pointed to the prettiest bottle and said "that one!"  Second thought: CHEESEDIPCHEESEDIPCHEESEDIP. Third thought: HL frames represent!

No thoughts after that. Just men with accordions, doing the chicken dance, and polka-ing my arse off. I chuckled the whole way back to my car (which made me look even crazier so I laughed harder).

Be a fool. Have fun. Hang out with old folks.

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