Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday's theme: "Um, in English please?"
87% of the emails I received made no sense to me. Most of the time thats due to my lack of experience (yes, even at 14 months), but yesterday, well, people just didn't feel the need to use complete thoughts and/or correct grammar. RPS does not mean mind reader.

I had a million and one things to do after work. How many did I actually do? Maybe 3. I tried to get my oil changed, but the attendant said it'd be a two hour wait, and technically they closed in half an hour. I told her I'd wait and do it another time, then we spent that half hour chatting. Do I know this girl? No, but she seemed like she needed to talk, so we did. After awhile this other guy joined us after I loaned him my knife. It was the most random 30 minutes of my day, but it was good.

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