Monday, May 12, 2008

and yo that's when it hit me, that LUV is a VERB

are you down with the dc talk?
d-down with the dc talk?

This is the best video I could find. Obviously I didn't look really hard, I was too busy goose-laughing.

Seriously kids: "luv is enough if it's unconditionally given, now ya livin' out the great commission."

Love is a verb.

Love is spotting someone $3 worth of gas when they're stranded with no cash.
I lost my wallet last Sunday, so I've been trying to survive without any debit or credit cards. Have you ever noticed how many gas stations don't take checks? Friday afternoon I had to get gas, my light had been on for 40+ miles. I open my wallet checks, I'd used the last one. I made it home, replace my checkbook, and of course, my car sputtered and died. I grabbed my gas can and did the walk of shame to the ghetto station a block away, but they didn't take checks. While I was mentally mapping out the next closest gas station the attendant told me to go ahead and fill up my can and just bring the money by when I could.

Love is bringing a friend groceries, not because they asked, but because you cared enough to be proactive.
My Deebs read about my joy over finding a box of macaroni and decided I could use some help. She showed up Saturday with all my favs, frosted miniwheats, poptarts, peanutbutter, dr pepper, and more macaroni!

Love is speaking the truth and asking the hard questions.
I was talking a friend Friday night, kinda explaining my lack participation lately, and I talked about my lack of passion for children's ministry (the focus of church x) and my growing interest in ministering to the downtown community and homeless population (a priority of church y). He caught me off guard when he asked, "Well, are you?" I'm not proud of my answer, which was something like "Um, not exactly. . . see, I. . ."
Yeah, so basically no.
I had a realization the other day. . . Community requires accountability, but accountability requires courage to ask these kind of things, to challenge each other to live this love we proclaim. Sometimes I want so badly for someone to say "Hey, is this still a problem for you?" Or "When is the last time you ______?" Because I want to tell someone, "Yes! Help me! This is a problem and I can't stop." While I am solely accountable for my sin, I feel like we've taken Christianity to an individualistic level it was never intended for.
I obviously lack this courage. "Help" is a four letter word. Asking the hard questions is usually the furthest thing from my mind. But grace. . . maybe someday. . .

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