Friday, July 11, 2008

Devil's Den Recap

Its been a couple weeks since the mini family vacay, but here are a few overdue stories/memories/etc...

Shortly after we got there this little angel walks into my room and says "I love you Darcie."

She's never said that before...I melted.

Here's our cabin from the outside:

Normal, right? Lemme tell ya...this place was nicer than my apartment. Check out this tub:

Yes please!

Dad (Pa) read Har a bedtime story. She sat still for about 12 minutes, which might be a record.

Mom and Polly had a bit of trouble with the grill. Apparently the charcoal goes UNDER the grate thing...

On Saturday we went to my cousins. It was a 16 mile drive on state highway, but it took us over half an hour because most of it wasn't paved. Again, this is state highway...

Harleigh and I entertained ourselves in the backseat.

Then we met an elk.

I named him Ralph.

My cousin, the rockstar, gave us a personal show:

Dad caught the big one.

Silly daddy.

I shot skeet.

I totally hit the first one too, because I'm awesome like that.

After a nap on the way drive back to the cabin I went looking for the devil of the dens.
I didn't find him, but I did find a place that looked suspiciously like the home of this fellow:

I'm quite sure he's hiding in there somewhere...

Lee Creek, and hair that needs some help.

The spillway...

The fam...

The end...

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