Thursday, July 24, 2008

memories of Tiny-ness

I write a lot. I've had some sort of journal since I was 5 or so. I love re-reading them. The really old ones always make me laugh. I was a funny kid, bandannas around the waist and all.

Here are a few throwback examples (completely unedited):

1991 November, 2
I'm at home. My sister is making an open sine for our butey shope. It is verey cold here. We are going to my gamas next wednesday. by

I wrote that when I was six. For the record, "butey shope" was a beauty shop. We weren't juvie pimps or Rahabs.

I am at school. I'm done with my work And so is Amanda, Amanda is my bestfriend. We get in fites sometimes. She is moveing away. She is going to by a friendship nekls for me, Amanda, and Sarah. I want to by one for me and her sens she is moveing away. My teacher is Mrs. Poole. I got my lunchbox stuk today. It was in my backpack. The handl broke off, by

I actually remember getting my lunch box stuck. It was quite the tragedy at the time. I think this was the purple one with the long strap, the one I got to be like the cool kids. Prior to that I had a a pink one with Barbie on it, which may explain why I asked my first friend Barbara if I could call her Barbie. She said yes, but we weren't friends for long after that.

Speaking of being a weird little kid, does anyone else remember this?

Pretty sure it was my sister's favorite (which means it was my favorite too, cause that's how little sisters roll).
Creepiest line: "I may not be in love but let me tell ya, I'm in heat!"
Oh Dolly. . .

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