Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Tuesday, why are you so slow?

Some thoughts. . .
and random work-day
Thus, an illustration of my mental abstraction.
This Status message included one of my favorite verses, from Mark 9:
"I do believe, help my unbelief!"
This paradoxical statement sums up much of my life. I've prayed this so many times, needing more faith, needing to believe in His power.
I smell onions. I hate onions.
I've had 3 Dr Pepper since I clocked in,
its currently 1:50pm.
Do my actions illustrate what I say I believe?
Faith without works is dead. Or, as I read somewhere, "Your doings don't define you, they reveal what is true about you."
Good hair days should not be wasted in a cubicle.
2 Corinthians 2:9 says "His power is perfect in my weakness."

My cardigan has left black fuzz all over my shirt.
Yes, I wear cardigans. I'm also rockin' a bun.
This word "weakness" is asthéneia, which means "want of strength, sickliness, feebleness (of mind or body)." So, Paul is talking about actual physical weakness. Why do I have so much trouble having faith in His power when it comes to my own physical weakness?
PlayRadioPlay! makes me wanna
have a dance party at my desk.
The past few months have been physically difficult, I've never felt weak like this before. . . tired, empty. . . Unfortunately, life doesn't just stop whenever my body needs it to; dishes, laundry, groceries, etc. . . it has to get done sometime. But what about serving, ministry, loving my neighbor? What about spending time reading, writing, and praying? These elements have been noticeably absent from my life, revealing the truth about me--I prioritize duty and being responsible above what really matters. Seems rather self centered, eh?

Gavin Mikhail, mmmboy.
"...sing me anything..."

I do believe, but I don't. Sometimes I can't see past my weakness.
I can't say "Fuchs."

Confession: I wish I could learn what I'm supposed to from all this more quickly, I'm tired of being tired.

*opens spreadsheet*
MOTHER of PEARL-are you kidding me?
Jeez. . .

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