Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Birthday Wishlist

Friday is my birthday.

24 isn't a very significant number, but nevertheless, I'm getting older.

Last year I wanted books. My amazon wishlist is still out of control, but I'm so far behind on my reading that it'd be ridiculous to keep adding to my library.

My other insignificant wants include a new bike, an easel, and a trip to Paris...none of which are affordable to any of you.

But, it is my birthday, so I'm coming to you with a request: care about what moves my heart...Open your wallet and give.

As a result of the many calls that 1-800-SUICIDE receives every day, and because of a delay in government funding, Hopeline is struggling to pay their phone bill. If this bill is not paid, the government will be allowed to fully take control of 1-800-SUICIDE. Part of what makes Hopeline such a powerful resource is that the calls placed to this number are completely private and confidential. We believe that the responsibility for providing a private and confidential environment in which to find help should remain in the hands of those who had the heart and compassion to begin this work ten years ago.

This is the Blood:Water Mission: committed to clean blood and clean water to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic, to build clean wells in Africa, to support medical facilities caring for the sick, to make a lasting impact in the fight against poverty, injustice and oppression in Africa through the linking of needs, talents and continents, of people and resources.

Thats what I want for my birthday.

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