Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23rd

my view: 9:30am

my view: 11:30am

How did I go from one to the other in a matter of hours?

The Story:
Being bipolar means (in very loose terms) swinging from highs to lows. . . Well I'm not bipolar, but I have my swings. Instead I go from normal to very low, very quickly. . . very, very low. At my lowest point today I talked to my doctor and he reccommended I go to the ER at UAMS and at least have a psych consult to get a second guess on my med situation. So I did. Well, insert Joe Cocker music here.

Going in, I wasn't a fan of hospitals, but UAMS is ok. They did what they had to do, they treated me incredibly well, and when I wanted to go home, I got to. There was a lot of waiting around, but its a hospital and to be expected.

Now for the plan. . .
My thoughts: Let's go back to the last thing that worked. So the EMSAM patches and dexedrine begin next week. It will still talk some time for my body to adjust, but I'm going to try my best to deal with it as it comes.

I've been without employment for nearly a month and a half. Thats gotta change. But first things first, and that means my mental health.

So let's hope and pray that November brings better weather, cause its been a stormy year from the start.

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