Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mystery pants and more scattered thoughts

I might be losing my mind (which, yes, I realize, is nothing new, but really...)

Saturday night after work I stopped by Academy Sports to get another black short-sleeved polo for work. I also bought some bummy sweat pants since my apartment can't stay warm for more than 30 minutes. I don't remember if I put them on that night or the next day, but I remember wearing them off and on all weekend (I was a bum, sorry). I even remember thinking that they didn't fit as well as I'd hoped. . .
At least I thought I remembered wearing them. . . When I was cleaning us a few minutes ago and I pulled the polo out of the bag and there were the pants.

Did I dream about wearing them?
Did I put them back in the bag (under the shirt) and completely forget about it?
Am I crazy?

In other news, I actually work a lot this week (more than 20 hours anyway). I really don't mind work most of the time. I'm getting to know the store a lot better and Saturday I actually did a return without screwing anything up.

Days off are nice, but I'm not sure they're good for me. I find myself slipping into blue moods easily, ruminating over the past few months, and becoming anxious about all things future.

I've noticed this happening again. I was moving forward, but now that terror in the back of my mind screaming "run away!" is getting louder and harder to oppose.

Sleep is as fickle as a seventh grade girl. Some nights I'll only wake up once or twice, other nights I lie awake half of every hour.

For the old days:

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