Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Apparently I can make any job stressful.

Opening my paycheck friday was incredibly depressing, especially after working 9 hours with no break/lunch. I'm working myself to death, and its not even enough to pay the bills. Christmas presents? Sorry guys, not this year...

I need to learn when to say no, and how to stop.

I can't feel like its a personal failure when we don't have two-toned, distressed-edge rice paper.

I need about 12 more hours of sleep, and some time just to be still.

Laundry, dishes, groceries...just the basics are overwhelming. Then I see all the different sign-up sheets at church, and that voice in my head calls me a hypocrite for talking about loving my neighbors, but not really making that happen (A shameful, opposing voice asks if I can enlist volunteers to help me).

Sometimes I forget how badly I want to please everyone, this job is making it very evident.

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