Monday, January 5, 2009

martha nails it

"When you're depressed, everyone has an opinion about what you should do. People seem to think that not only are you depressed, you are also stupid. . . People hear the word depression and figure that since they've felt down or blue at some point in their lives, they are experts, which is like assuming that because you've had a chest cold, you are now qualified to treat lung cancer. . .
In the old days I could shake it off and gently refuse it. . . All their helpful comments imply that if I'd only do ______, my problems would be solved. Like its all within my grasp, able to be managed and mastered, if only I would try harder, longer, better. As I nod my head in polite and pathetic appreciation for their input, I scream inside, "Shut up. Shut up. Unless you've been lost in this particular section of hell yourself, don't you dare try to give me directions."

-- Martha Manning, Undercurrents

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