Thursday, February 26, 2009

i need sleep

Have you ever used fingernail clippers to cut off a lie bump from your tongue?

That's why I am Macgyver.

Popsicle please...

**edit: further research indicates that it was most likely a benign fibroma, as determined by its position on the tip rather than the upper surface of the tongue.

Another question...why am I not asleep after taking a Lunesta, half an Ativan, and 25mg diphenhydramine?

Edit #2...5 hours later and still no sleep. The darkness has control of my mind which means dangerous actions are inevitable.

I'd call for help...but there's no one to call...


  1. This is just......eccentricity at its best.

  2. And yes, I have used nail clippers for that. The scar afterwards is annoying for a little while. Then it goes away.