Thursday, February 5, 2009

mustache plates and heavenly high-fives

Today was the fullest day ever...I don't have time to blog, why am I not in bed???

  • I might be back in my boss' good graces...He winked at me today, not the kinda creepy hitting on me wink like the Dillards guy though. I deserve it, I wasn't originally scheduled for today but I showed up at 8:20(AM!).

  • I traded the truck for a G6. I'm getting spoiled and I like it...
  • The Circuit City going-out-of-business sale is disappointing.

  • I think the economy is even affecting thrift stores...I spent $40 at Savers is that even possible??? (but I got a copy of Mike Yaconelli's Dangerous Wonder for $1. My copy is too marked up to lend it out, but I highly recommend this book and would LOVE to give the new one away to anyone interested. Its amazing, he's amazing. Giving away books makes my day).

  • The most disturbing thing I saw at Savers:

  • Speaking of recommending, don't use Asher Wrecker...Their fees are ridiculous and they're incredibily rude. I had to get my junk out of my trunk (seriously) today so I got a few photos of the damage:

    My front bumper was in the backseat...I was sad that the hubcaps were gone...the ones for that model car fall off easily, so they sell great on ebay!
    It was so close to the next car that I had to maneuver in and out through barely opened doors, so I kept dropping stuff, including a tampon. As a passive aggressive act of vengeance I left it on the ground as a nice present for one of the not-so-nice men. (What? Who does that?? Oh, me...)

  • I went to the doctor today since things have been going downhill...well, except for the past two days. I realized yesterday that I felt better, more like myself, than I had in awhile, even before the wreck. The reason? Zyprexa, the newest ingredient to my pharmacutical cocktail.

  • I got two amazing surprises at the doctor's. My insurance was just changed and it actually covers my doctor now...I only paid a $30 copay! Thats the least I've paid in the 7-8 years I've been seeing this guy.
    The second surprise was a bag of gold. Ok, not really, but might as well be. Another one of my doctor's patients had been using the same drug as me, the one I pay at least a $150 copay for, but he's getting off it and thanks to my doctor's quick thinking I get his leftovers. He used one of those 3-month mail order pharmacies, so there's a ton of over a thousand dollars worth of medicine. Yeah. That was, like , 12 high-fives from God.

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  1. I'm going to have to come back later and read about why you weren't in your boss' good graces and this car accident.

    careful with the medicine, though, I hope you don't become addicted.

    That G6 looks pretty nice. I just drive my mother's plain old Altima, which is better than nothing.