Wednesday, March 18, 2009

grumble grumble passive-aggressive grumble

What's the point of setting up your availability...

...if they're going to schedule you whenever they please?

So last Thursday I checked my schedule, and again, my boss had me scheduled to work on a tuesday night. I mentioned it to her that night, so she would have plenty of time to find someone else...

To cover my back, I reminded her last night. And for the record, I was super respectful and non-demanding when I mentioned it, but what I got in return was a blank stare. She mumbled something about calling so-and-so and said she'd let me know before she left (which was around 5). At 9:30, when I clocked out, I still hadn't heard from her.

Fast forward to noon-ish today...I'm finally asleep, and my phone rings. I was expecting a call from the guy in framing, so I actually answered, but it was my favorite boss instead. Here's roughly how it went:

"Hello?" (trying to sound awake)

"Yeah, I was about to call so-and-so about working tomorrow, but I already had her scheduled to close in framing. You were scheduled to work the truck."

[long pause while I try to figure out why she's telling me this...She could have me scheduled to dress up like Cricut and dance the night away in the scrapbook aisle if she wanted, but not on Tuesday nights.]

"Um, well, I still can't do it..."

"Ok I'll just mark you down as absent." What?? Wait...I'm not even sure what that means really, but its not good. And its super shady.

"Ok...Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?" I was waking up and getting my assertive pants on.

"Is it marked on your availability?"

What I wanted to say: "Of course it is, we've been over this. In fact, its been set up like this since the day I started."
What I said: "yes."

She said something about checking it and making sure, blah blah blah, should fix it, blah blah...goodbye.

First of all, this shouldn't keep happening.

Second, quit acting like its my fault. I'm following the system.

Also...double standard! I'm expected to do my job and do it on time, but she can blow things off until its pretty much too late to fix it?

In the grand scheme of life, this is so not important, but right now it makes me want to tape her picture to my punching bag and attempt to knock some sense into her.

Edit: She just called to see if I could work tomorrow night "since I couldn't work tonight." (Doesn't she mean "since I jacked up your schedule?")
My answer: Um, no. I can't.
I have a hot date with this kid:

But why do I feel so guilty?

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  1. The guilt may stem from feeling like something is your fault when it's not.

    Bosses do stupid stuff all the time, especially with scheduling work days. In the recession and the absence of labor unions, bosses just have free reign to order your life around their profit. And when they don't like you doing this, they replace you with someone who has no backbone.

    If that were my boss, I would've clearly told her that I could not work on Tuesday. Then I just wouldn't have come in. If I had gotten into trouble or fired for that, they would've gotten major problems from me.