Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My bathroom...a place of worship?

My apartment is interesting, obviously. I have managed to undo most of the damage done by the previous tenant (or at least hide it well), but there are some parts things that aren't worth the effort. Some of these uglies have been inspiration and channels for creativity.
For example, the bathroom ceiling:

(this was taken mid-remodel, ignore the primer, rust, etc)

Someone's quick-fix to a water damaged ceiling was to create a false one a foot or so lower. Its made from 2 sheets of particle board and held up by a quarter-round moulding and connected by metal plates.
Left as is it would be tacky but ignorable. However, someone took it a bit further and drilled holes everywhere. I don't know if there was a structural motivation behind this, but when I noticed what appeared to be the Big Dipper, I assumed not.

The constellation effect is finalized in the lighting. The current main light is above the medicine cabinet, but the original ceiling had some sort of bucket light as well, still controlled by the switch. With the medicine cabinet light off and the ceiling light on, I get stars.

As amusing as this is, I'm thinking about exaggerating it by painting the ceiling a very dark blue or black. My inspiration for this is the chorus from the Phil Wickham song we sang Sunday night,

You are holy great and mighty
The moon and the stars declare who You are
I’m so unworthy, but still You love me
Forever my heart will sing of how great You are.

The hope is that I would be reminded of who God is every time I see the "stars," and so be drawn from recognition into His presence.


I've got a busy week, and I may lose interest by the time I have time, but if it happens there will be pictures.

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