Monday, June 15, 2009

only 5 more days

Unfortunately, for me, this means added stress at work.

  • more cranky customers (but several nice ones too)
  • more people who want specific prices but don't plan to place an order
  • ridiculous marketing strategies implemented by someone who probably never took a marketing course
  • production and sales goals set by managers who have not worked in framing and have little to no grip on reality
Its the last two that really make it hard. All morning I thought, "I'm probably going to lose or quit my job today." I spent the majority of my lunch in tears, releasing the stress that'd built up over the short four hour morning. The afternoon was better (thanks Ativan) and I'm off tomorrow, so I might make it through the week...

Its worth pointing out that I have amazing coworkers. I literally thank God for them. Encouragement, patience, helpfulness, etc... Without people like this I'd end up on aisle 19 in the fetal position whimpering. And nobody wants to see that.

So, 60% off week...get it while you can, but remember to be nice to your framers...

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