Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hey, it's my life and I can make adventures whenever I want

Apparently the squirrel theme has taken over my blog...

The squirrels have been suspiciously quiet for a few days.  I assumed they froze to death, or someone might have actually come to exterminate them.

But just moments ago I began to hear a scratching/chopping noise.  I climbed on my couch and peered behind my RediShade, but I couldn't see anything abnormal (more specifically, I didn't see anyone fixing my roof, which is what I hope for).

I debated ignoring it, but what self respecting nancy drew would balk at a little investigation?  Once outside, I turned and found a furry beast sitting in what once was a rain gutter. . .

He was staring at me.

My brain instinctively went into macgyver mode.  I had a ponytail holder, and had a passing pedestrian not startled him, I'm sure I would have taken that evil little devil squirrel out. . .

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