Thursday, December 12, 2013


Winter makes me want to quit.
I see how my life has turned out and remember what I expected...the difference is debilitating.


  1. Hi, Darcy. I'm not sure you remember me, but I used to write a blog at, where I wrote about a lot of stuff, including TWLOHA. One day, you stumbled across my old site, and, perhaps another day, you left a comment on one of my TWLOHA posts, about when Jamie pre-announced the Shirts being in Hot Topic.
    Well, fast forward to a few hours ago. I was reviewing some of those old Wordpress entries while wrapped up in a project to merge it with the blog on my current Squarespace site, and I decided to check out some of the posts that got decent responses. Which, of course, eventually brought my attention to the TWLOHA/HT post.
    I vaguely remember reading your comment when you first posted it. (I won't was the "he quoted you in the latest blog" line that I remember...I hadn't been aware of it till you'd mentioned it in your comment, and, well...shocking memories can last a while...) But, reading your comment really encouraged me in so many ways, these 5+ years later. And so I hovered over the name and followed the link to see if it was still active, and, voilĂ .
    So, I don't know if that will have any bearing on your feelings toward winter, but I hope it gives you a touch of warmth to know that a single moment you took to be kind and comment on a stranger's blog post in 2008 made a difference today.

  2. Wow. I so remember that [now, with the reminder]. I'm so glad my comment meant something to you, and so greatful you took the time to come back and tell me. Really, that's huge.