Saturday, December 28, 2013

year. in. review.

The end of a year...another year. A year I tried to ignore. To simply survive. I suppose I did that [we'll see in a few days I suppose].

My year started off on a high note with my niece seeing my name on the "Armstrongs" wall at my old gym and being pretty impressed. I think I did like 70 push-ups to get my name on that wall. To be fair, I was 12 and like 80 lbs. [Currently in early 2013 I was at my max weight due to, well, weight gain, and medicine changes that seriously added to that gain-age]

Then, for the second time ever, I ate a salad. And liked it. Thus began the year of Arby's grilled chicken, no tomatoes, with balsamic vinaigrette salads.

THEN...I decided to get a kitten, but wrecked my car instead.
A short time later, my sister was in a wreck. Despite having talked about possibly giving her car to me, my mom and dad decided to give her car to my sister. I understood...she had a proper life,Despite rolling the sucker they were able to make it drivable...just not-so-much desirable. It doesn't lock so it get's broken into fairly often and I'm quite certain it's been slept in a few times.

To be fair, it wasn't by choice. I was prescribed a medicine that's side effect was unfortunately making carbonated beverages tastes horrible. So, after 6-7 year of guzzling this stuff, it was no longer appealing. I mean wow. Darkie Pepper, R.I.P.

The bigger news I suppose, was that I quit drinking...
     It had gotten pretty bad. Worse than I would admit to just about anyone. And it'd been like that for awhile. The booze was behind so many of the bad decisions I'd made the past year or three. I knew it worried my mum. Maybe that was what inspired the change. I honestly don't know. One day, at 11am, instead of vodka, I decided to drink water.
This was honestly the biggest turning point in my year.
        {I didn't quit drinking entirely...just as a lifeline. I drink occasionally, on weekends...when the time is right}

But wait! I got a job!
Apparently even the " mentally interesting" are good for something...and but "something" I mean "retail."

At some point mid-summer I began taking this medicine that soldiers with PTSD take...because my dreams are so whacked.

Jars of Clay came to LR are were AMAZING.

I randomly began to puke. A stress reaction perhaps?...about 4 months later and I still don't know.

Then I hung out with the ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend. Confused? Just go with it...

And now?

About that...
I am SERIOUSLY in denial...
...about my age.
...about my "career," ha!
...about the future.
...about just about everything including who I am and who I should have been...

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