Thursday, February 6, 2014


After I posted a link to this BuzzFeed article on Awkwardness on facebook, I got this message from a friend:

 Dearest Darcie, I will always love you and the times we have spent together, but mostly the day when we were getting ready for the stations art thing and I wanted to die and you and I drank OJ and talked as we worked, it would have been way more awkward if I had killed myself and your friendship helped me resist the urge.
It made me think...Love is awkward.

I want to start a campaign...or movement...or whatever the correct term is. Many times we are afraid to reach out, to make an effort, to connect, or to admit our own struggles because it's awkward. Guess what? Nobody cares. It's still better to act, and act awkwardly, then to be socially acceptable. Names I'm considering for said movement: ‪#‎LoveIsAwkward‬ or ‪#‎AwkwardnessSavesLives‬

And now just the word awkward looks awkward to me...

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