Thursday, February 20, 2014

big brother

I've never been one for conspiracy theories or whining about the government's invasion of privacy, but I'm beginning to rethink my naivety.  Maybe they know more about me than I thought. . .

While registering to apply for state jobs, this was my captcha:

All DP?  As in All Dr Pepper?   That's me alright.

Then I ran into this:

Excuse me?  First of all, why can't  it contain a dictionary word?  Its called a password, not a passnonsensestringofcharacters.

Second, "julio" simply cannot be a common password, let's be honest.  So it must violate the dictionary rule, right?  But what dictionary are they using?

2 hours later: I've finally registered but my password is more complex than a DNA double helix.

And here's a picture of my dad putting a skirt on Julio to calm everyone's nerves: