Sunday, October 12, 2014


Someday I'll write a book.
A book to give hope.
And inspiration.
And giggles.

I'll tell the story of a homeschooled kindergartner (which is why I can't cut straight), six-year-old library card holder, perfectionist who became a crummy gymnast at age 10(ish), the over-achiever in school, the salutatorian who hated it and asked to be opted out...
But also the story of a girl who started cutting in 6th grade...the girl who didn't understand why she was sad. I looked at my my mom and dad and they were the best. They gave me truly unconditional love. My sister was amazing...patient and kind and forgiving when I was horrible...
But I was miserable. I remember riding home from a show and a friend asking me if I ever thought about asking for help...I hadn't, but then I did. I was scared to ask my parents but they were rockstars and just wanted me to be well.

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