Thursday, October 30, 2014

truth isn't always funny

Recently I saw a photo of a friend dressed up as a homeless person for Halloween.
My response:

I'm a little disturbed at your recent halloween costume, but it made me think, maybe you haven't had true contact with a struggling homeless or poverty stricken person. I believe you have a good heart and want to love as Jesus loved, so I challenge you to join me in serving any Wednesday evening you choose. My church serves 100+ every week and strives to build relationships, rather than just playing the hand-out game.
Poverty isn't funny. Homelessness isn't funny. There are folks that will play you and beg the shirt off your back, but should we stop serving? I certainly don't think so. I have a friend on the street that would take my underwear if I let her, but she still cares about me. Every time I pick her up she asks about my depression and my family. That's more than most Christian "friends" I know. 

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