Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to My Life

Here's a basic run down of my fabulous Wednesday morning:

  • wake up after sleeping approximately 11 hours (boo for narcolepsy*)
  • breakfast (mmmm, frosted hay bales)
  • shower
  • get dressed
  • wake up next between the toilet and tub with a splitting headache
  • call Kat

I hadn't taken my frequent lightheadedness and semi-fainting spells seriously, and now I have staples in my head. Staples don't belong in heads!


Kathy and Angie are my new heroes.
And my dad continues to be my #1 for dropping everything and driving an hour to take care of me.

Its times like these when I stop and ask myself if this is really my life. I mean, who does this stuff??

I probably should have made up a great story about getting attacked by the killer attic squirrels, or being mugged while helping an old lady cross the street. But the truth hurts, and but "truth" I mean "my head."

*Its just easier to explain like that

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