Friday, January 30, 2009

Everything I write lately has been depressing, and I don't want my blog to become just that, so here are a few more pleasant things:

  • There was a unicorn puppet on Craig Ferguson tonight. I might like him more than Conan.
  • My blog gets a lot of visits from small towns in Arkansas, like Warren, Thornton, New Edinburg, Harrell, etc. . .care to reveal yourself?
  • I had a dream I was still in college but had forgotten to do a make-up/bonus assignment to rescue my grade. I woke up crying. The assignment? Draw a rhino.

  • I had another dream strange women were trying to vacuum my parents sidewalk during the middle of the night so my dad called the police.
  • The Fray's new album comes out in tomorrow. I may or may not already have it. . . (shhhh...)
  • I found all my sleepingatlast mp3s that I thought were lost.
  • At church last night someone mentioned Winter Jam and Toby Mac. It took a few minutes for everyone to understand that its a Christian concert/tour and they didn't mean Country music singer Toby Keith. Thats one of the little things I love about Epoch.
  • Too many graham crackers will make your tongue raw. Consider yourself warned.
  • My apartment isn't infested with anything normal like ants or roaches, just pennies and bobby pins. Seriously, I find them everywhere. Useful perhaps, but I'd still prefer koala bears.

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